28 July 2006

Open Mind

Good advices for travelling to a foreign country.

To be open mind, this means to try and experience as much of the culture as possible. You have to open your eyes and your mind to see what these people have gone through and how they live i think it gives you a deeper understanding of who you are. Think about it ;)

Try live how they live, yes you have to try it, you have to adjust in their life style, you can't think you are in your home-country

A pratice advice, make a photocopy of your passport and Identifier card and upload to Internet for example to your e-mail so if you lost your bags you can get it.

Do you have any more advice? I would be please to listen you..

23 July 2006

My place on London

The green arrow is marking my place during my adventure on London. It's a big house with a family and many rooms.
Does anyone wknow this zone?.

17 July 2006

Internet has amazing possibilities to learn english.

With the IM technologies such as skype or jabber, you can speak with people from all world without you have to pay anything, a guy from Spain can talk a lot of hours with a guy from EE.UU spending no money!.
Thanks to VoIP this is now a reality, due to i'm an enthusiastic of the free software i'll choose jabbin, a jabber VoIP client.

Feel free to chat with me at englishstd[at]jabber.org
or if you prefer, studiante on skype.

01 July 2006

No more terror movies

Yesterday i was to the cinema with mi girlfriend, we didn´t know what movie to watch, after a few minutes speaking about what film we'll watch, we decide watching a movie wich we didn't know anything about it, only his poster and sinopsis we like it.
Well, we into the cinema, and the advertisment had started, the lights was off, only there was one person in the cinema!! and my girlfriend and me, 3 people watching a horror movie.

The film started and from start to finish, it was a continuos fear, never never, i was scared so much in any movie, in fact, this movie is the best terror movie i watch, she get i was trembling with fear, and my girlfriend was to embrace me all time!.

Sometimes, i take a look to the other person in the cinema to see if he was sitting. We had ready to go out, but we can´t, the horror movie did us to reamin sitting in our seats.

When the film was finished, we went out from the cinema, and we had like as if we had finished to a travel in a big dipper, we had a rush of adrenalin.

The film is a Thailand movie, and i can see that the critics speak very well about this horror movie.