30 June 2006

Shakira concert

Pamplona on 26th Sunday. Pamplona's bullring is full of people, about 15.000 people waiting to see an amazing show.
Personally i don´t like to much to go to the concert, but I went with my girlfriend and her friends expecting to see a high show, and i saw, i like it.

25 June 2006

Over the Hedge

This is the film's title that I watch yesterday. It's a funny film based on a comic created by Michael Fry and T Lewis. The history is about a animal's family who are living near of a new Hedge what they never have seen. This animated comedy tell with a ironic tone about our habits of own modern day.

With hammy (this squirrel) I laugh a lot of time watching the film. :)

12 June 2006

book's week

I don´t know if the subject expressión is rigth, but here is tipical once a year it have a week dedicated to books. The local bookseller's association collect them and they sell her books with a discount from her real prize.
Yesterday, I was walking through the book shops, and I saw this book wich I bougth. I feel completly identified with the main protagonist, but I hope that It won´t be the same history with me this summer. :)

The main protagonist lost one opportunity to ascend in her work due to she don´t know english language. Then she dediced to learn english definitely traveling to England in order to learn english with Mrs Grose a dangerous english teacher.

Searching information.

Two weeks ago, I began to search information about english colleges in London. The first i did
was to write my cousin. I've a cousin who is living in London, he was born in England.
My cousin send me various english colleges he know, so I'had seeing her webpages and finally I dediced one of them.
I choosed this english college, I wrote them a email requesting more information, and they responding very fast with the information requested. The enrollment was done through their web page.

At least, I have a 3 weeks english course with a accomodattion in a Host Family with a large house wich has several students staying.

The fly I've book with the ryanair company starting the 13th Augusto to 1th september.

I've all neccessary to begin this adventure!, while I'll study english. :)

10 June 2006

Summer of code?, no this summer, I have to learn english as much as I can.
This summer I have decided it don´t have summer holidays instead I'll go to London in order to
can learning english. This blog will be a loyal friend in my hard walking...