06 December 2006

Very Useful

Howjsay.com is a web tool for anyone who need a quick lookup on word’s pronunciation. The usage of the tool is as easily as enter the word into the textbox and submit, the word will display on the gray box and pronounce immediately. If you want it to repeat the pronunciation, just move your mouse over the word. Cool!.
I was looking an util like this one for months!

Give it a try.!

03 December 2006


She's as busy as a bee

He eats like a horse

as quite as a mouse

as cool as a cucumber (calm, relax, never extress)

as blind as a bat

like a bull in a china shop

like a bear with a sore head (very bad tempered)

as mad as a hatter (person who made hats) britain humor?

drink like a fish (drink lot of)

as drunk as a lord (drink a lot of)

as brain like a sieve (always forgot all)

sleep like a baby/log

as greedy as a pig (you want more money/food)

as red as a beetroot
work like a dog

as black as a coal (night)

a raven's wing

as white as snow

as thin as a rake

as white as a sheet

as easy as falling off a leg

Do you know any more comparisons?

Talking about photos or pictures

This is a tipical exam's exercise, you have to speak about a photo or picture that the teacher show you, so you have to be confidence describing you are seeing.

Some tips to start the description could be:

On the right / On the left (side)
At the top / At the bottom
In the background / in the foreground
In the corner

In Contrast;
in contrast

beside / next to
close to / near

in front of

far from



On the left side we can see a man sit down on the top of a staircase.
On the right side there are three childreen playing together. In the background there is a big sun. While the children are enjoying together, the man seems not very happy.
Behind the girl, there is a boy chasing her. This boy is between the girl and the fair boy. Opposite to these boys there is a man, below this man there is a staircase ,and behind the man there is a advertisement with the message "The top".