03 December 2006


She's as busy as a bee

He eats like a horse

as quite as a mouse

as cool as a cucumber (calm, relax, never extress)

as blind as a bat

like a bull in a china shop

like a bear with a sore head (very bad tempered)

as mad as a hatter (person who made hats) britain humor?

drink like a fish (drink lot of)

as drunk as a lord (drink a lot of)

as brain like a sieve (always forgot all)

sleep like a baby/log

as greedy as a pig (you want more money/food)

as red as a beetroot
work like a dog

as black as a coal (night)

a raven's wing

as white as snow

as thin as a rake

as white as a sheet

as easy as falling off a leg

Do you know any more comparisons?


Anonymous said...

as QUIET as a mouse

like a bear with a sore head
(Nunca he oído ésto en USA)

as mad as a hatter
(Creo que viene de "Alice in Wonderland")

as drunk as a lord
as red as a beetroot
a raven's wing
as thin as a rake
(Todos British, y muy viejo)

as easy as falling off a LOG

Rotary washing lines said...

Dead as a DoDo
Silent as the grave
Hard as nails
Thick as Pig S***
Pissed as a newt

There are so many great ones.

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Wil's World of Words said...

Great list! Here are a few more for you:

-as strong as an ox
-as timid as a mouse
-as sly as a fox
-as mad as a box of frogs

In English we call expressions like this (comparisons using 'like' or 'as' for emphasis) 'similes'.


English Pundit said...

Nice List of Idioms..
You can refer to some of the meanings below:

She's as busy as a bee -- Very busy
As quiet as a mouse -- to be very quiet.

Keep it up!

Learn Indonesian in Bali said...

as clear as mud. (not clear at all) :)

Anusha said...

as fit as a fiddle,
work like a clock

MonicaV said...
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MonicaV said...

One of my favourites -- as useful as a chocolate teapot!

And, for anonymous -- 'Mad as a hatter' de hecho es mucho más viejo que Alice in Wonderland. Una explicación es que la gente que fabricaba sombreros muy en el pasado los pintaba con arsénico, lo cual es venenoso y le afectaba el cerebro, y por eso esa gente se volvía loca!!

Great post, keep up the good work.