29 August 2006

Nothing Hill Carnival

A big festival, the Europe's biggest street festival with near 1 million of revellers.
Good ambient cool music, good food, drinking and a very long day ...
When i have the chance i will upload some funny photos i took.

26 August 2006

Camden Town

By now this is the most beautiful and fantastic place what i have visited.
There is a nice ambient in all streets and big pubs, one of them is the biggest of London. You can see for the streets all kind of people in a good ambient, really a good place to visit.

24 August 2006

Free english lessons in London

Saint Giles is a school near from Russel square underground station where the future teachers do free english class.
On Tuesday I went to the school and ask to the receptionist for the free english class, he told me to return tomorrow at 13:15.
On Wednesday I was on the school at 13:00 and there were a lot of people, i spoke with a teacher from the school about 2 minutes and he told me that i could go to the intermediate level, but you have to go at time for to get tickets due to there are a lot of people.
The class are teaching for future teachers, and there are 3 different teachers for 1 hour each. Its funny because some teachers are nervous, but its good for the chance to listen different accents.
Good place!, i will go all week, and the ambient is very friendly.

Meeting with people II

It was a Chinesse girl who was born in London, so we meet on a underground station and hadn't problems to know us. We was speaking about 2 hours in english and spanish so it was fine. We have meet other day, the Chinesse girl had had in spanish for two months, and I was amazing for her good spanish language, she told me the same for my english language but i think that only she was being polite with me.

22 August 2006

Meeting with people

I have been an advertisment on the blackborad from my english school about a english guy who wanted know spanish language, we have meet to speak half time in english and half time in spanish, it's a complement exercise plus classes, life diary, and a chance to know english people. I will tell you about this experience as soon i can.

London photos

When i have the chance, i'll upload some photos about places, while i follow doing a lot of photos from everything.

20 August 2006

Portobello Road

On saturday Monday i went to Portobello Road Market on Nothing Hill, there were a lot of people (many of them there were spanish), a very stressful site.

Baker Street

Walking by Baker Street i saw
the Sherlock Holmes's house, is the adress most famous of London of someone who
wasn't existed.
Near here, the Regent's park is enormeus and very elegant a good place for walking.

18 August 2006

Impossible get lost in London

I get an week-travelcard for the underground with 3 zones, and you can go walking anywhere in London that you don't get lost at any moment as soon as you see an underground station, you can go to anywhere, and the stations and near from each other. Great! you dont have to worry about get lost! It's impossible!

Culture hour

I have been various musseums such as the History Natural Museum, and Brithis museum, i want go to the Maritim museum too, but you get too tired walking and forcing the brain :) maybe other day.
The ciber from i am writing is near from Oxford Circus.

Dining on Brick Lane

Brick Lane is one street of London know as the blangladesh district and with a lot of Indian Restaurants.
I ate in one of the various indian restaurants, and the food was with a lot of spices but taste good.

NEWS updated on 10th September.
I didn't know the issue about a film version of the book "Brick Lane", there's
trouble on the streets of this district of East London because the people who live and work in Brick Lane are unhappy about this film. You can see why reading some notices about Brick Lane.

15 August 2006

My first day class

I started the english classes on the school yesterday, I like it.
There are people from around world, Brazil, Italian, France, Lithuania, Russia, Chroacia, Chile, Japon...Spain.
On monday afternoon i meet with a friends from spain, we ate on a chineesse restaurant in the soho district, and we had on Bridge London and walking around tipycal London streets, it was funny meet with spanish people because from now i am going alone in this great city, but there is no problem for now.

Ah! the fly from spain to London it was no problem.
I am writing this post from a cyber on Whitechapel.

See you!.

11 August 2006

Dangerous district

As you can see, my place on London will be a dangerous district these days due to some people has been arrested are from this district.

10 August 2006

Flights chaos

Security at all UK airports has been tighteened after an alleged plot to blow up planes to from UK to US and vice versa.

I hope my fly of this next sunday will not be delayed for this chaos.
We can´t take cabin luggage due to this success.

09 August 2006

Accomodation changes

This will be my new place, the school send me some days ago a e-mail with this change due to the other place is being redecorated.
The tube station is Walthamstow Central wich is the Victoria Line