29 August 2006

Nothing Hill Carnival

A big festival, the Europe's biggest street festival with near 1 million of revellers.
Good ambient cool music, good food, drinking and a very long day ...
When i have the chance i will upload some funny photos i took.


The Public Man said...

I see that you are suffering a lot while learning english... :D

When I were in London, food was really expensive. Are you eating in restaurants everyday?

OK, keep on enjoying and see ya next week.

The Public Man

Spanish guy said...

Yes i am suffering a lot of, i am a victim of the english life. :)
Sometimes i eat at home with meal that i cook but the most of the time i eat sandwiches, fast food, and things like that, ahgg! you don't know that i wish can eat some good home food such as "Lentejas, tortilla de patata, paella"