24 August 2006

Free english lessons in London

Saint Giles is a school near from Russel square underground station where the future teachers do free english class.
On Tuesday I went to the school and ask to the receptionist for the free english class, he told me to return tomorrow at 13:15.
On Wednesday I was on the school at 13:00 and there were a lot of people, i spoke with a teacher from the school about 2 minutes and he told me that i could go to the intermediate level, but you have to go at time for to get tickets due to there are a lot of people.
The class are teaching for future teachers, and there are 3 different teachers for 1 hour each. Its funny because some teachers are nervous, but its good for the chance to listen different accents.
Good place!, i will go all week, and the ambient is very friendly.


monica said...

Where about is it exactly? Do you have address or phone number, maybe?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hello Everyone,

I work at St Giles Highgate and just wanted to let you know that we continually offer FREE English lessons.

For 2012, the next dates that are available are:

23 April-18 May
21 May - 1 June
11 June - 22 June
20 August - 14 September
17 September - 12 October
15 October - 9 November
19 November - 14 December

If you'd like to participate in these lessons, please come to the school at 1:45pm sharp & go to room 21. You do NOT need to sign up or register!

See you soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello Anonymus! Could you pls tell me if you have a free place for May? I moved to London and need to improve my English...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, are St Giles free English courses also available for foreign beginners?

Anonymous said...

Can i jion in free englsih courses . and this center pay all my expenses there such as visa . staying . travel expenses . etc