12 June 2006

Searching information.

Two weeks ago, I began to search information about english colleges in London. The first i did
was to write my cousin. I've a cousin who is living in London, he was born in England.
My cousin send me various english colleges he know, so I'had seeing her webpages and finally I dediced one of them.
I choosed this english college, I wrote them a email requesting more information, and they responding very fast with the information requested. The enrollment was done through their web page.

At least, I have a 3 weeks english course with a accomodattion in a Host Family with a large house wich has several students staying.

The fly I've book with the ryanair company starting the 13th Augusto to 1th september.

I've all neccessary to begin this adventure!, while I'll study english. :)

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