08 October 2006


Some notes about differents kinds of clothes.

Personally i don't like the waistcoat, i think that is a kind of clothes only for special events, such as a wedding, or a formal party, specially if you have to wear a bow tie too. I prefer wear with jeans, trainers and some colourful t-shirt.
However i like the womans who wear a bit elegantly for example with a tight fitting cardigan and a skirt with a high-heeled shoes and they like wear bracelet or/and colourful necklace,
i found these womans very smarts.
In a rainy day i usually wear with waterproof clothes and if it's cold with a jumper too. I don't like the dungarees but i think that all boy when we was child we wore one dungaree.
I like the blazer only for special events like as the waistcoat, but if i would have to choose wear between they, i will choose a blazer i think that is tasteful wear with a trendy blazer.
When i have to do sports i wear with tracksuit bottoms but not a baggy tracksuit bottoms as the rappers.

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