12 September 2006

Get on learning spanish!

Would you like to take up learning or practise your spanish language?, don't put it off! you can start right now. We can do language interchange, half time english spoken and half time spanish spoken, don't worry if you don't know how to do through internet, you only need 3 things;

-A computer
-A internet connection
-To feel like to learn a lot of things

I can teach you to manage programs to can speak between us.
Try it!, you only have to left a comment on this blog.

"Choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life."


Anonymous said...


Hice esto cuando aprendía a hablar italiano. ¡Fue estupendo!

Would you like to take up learning or (practise) PRACTISING your spanish language?(,) (d)Don't put it off!

how to do IT through THE internet

To feel like (to) learnING a lot of things

programs (to) THAT can speak between us.

to (left) LEAVE a comment

La proxima vez que vengo aquí, voy a dejar la dirección a mi blog.

Qué te vaya bien,


Anonymous said...

Hola otra vez,

A summer dedicateD solely to learnING english, from now (to)UNTIL august (month) (where) WHEN I will travel to London FOR 3 weeks (learning all) TO LEARN AS MUCH AS possible about English culture and people. Please feel you free to correct any mistake.

Nos vemos,


Leo said...


Aquí está la dirreción para mi blog :


Tengo otros blogs pero ésto es para nuestro intercambio, si quieres.

Hasta pronto,

Rex o Leo (Mi nombre de italiano)