29 September 2006

Tips for english language learning

It's difficult but is the key for learning a language such english or anything you are intersted in, you have to be "perseverance", and "optimism", so if you believe in something you have a difficult road ahead to get it. Some tips that help me in this difficult travel of learning english.

-Use the IM;, jabber,gtalk,jabbin,skype.

-Read interesting blogs about things you like or interesting people.

-Try to read a small book you can finish.

-Listen radio or TV in english altough you can't understand.

-Instead read the news in internet in your mother tonge, try read it in english, there are a lot of good sites.

-Smile of yourself when make mistakes speaking, but you have to speak for to make mistakes :)

And several more activities for to do, but remember the word "perseverance" if you want something you have to work hard.

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From French to Japanese said...

Great Blog! We will be sure to link to you!

Judy and Harold