29 November 2006

The Composition (III)

Thinking about this exercise and looking for related information, I have found a list of ten things that will change the way we live, These things are:

  • Fuel(l) cells
  • Gene therapy
  • Haptics
  • Internet 2
  • Lifestraw
  • MRAM (Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory)
  • $100 laptop
  • $200 Barrel of oil
  • VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
  • WiMax (worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access)
I knew about almost (a bit) all of these technologies and inventions, but the lifestrow (it) was something I hadn't (listen) heard about before so I will speak about it.

If someone ask us (with) what is the most precious liquid on the earth, we (could ask) might answer the oil, but then we will be wrong because it's (the) water. But there is a big problem because even though more than 70% of the earth's surface (surface's earth) is covered by water, many parts of the world especially the poor(s) parts with a big population are suffering from waterbo(u)rne diseases due to (the) unsafe water.
Lifestraw is a portable water purification tool that cleanses surface water and makes it safe for human consumption.

It's just 25 cm long and 29 mm in diameter and can be hung around the neck. Lifestraw requires no electrical power or spare parts. Lifestraw filters up to 700 litres of water and effectively removes most of the micro_organisms responsible for causing waterborne diseases.

It's clear that this invetion won't change our lives in a direct way, but it will improve the living conditions of millions people (in) around the world. I hope this invention becomes one of the most succesful developments in the next few years with a suceessful availability and use (implantantion) in the Third World.

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