06 December 2006

Very Useful

Howjsay.com is a web tool for anyone who need a quick lookup on word’s pronunciation. The usage of the tool is as easily as enter the word into the textbox and submit, the word will display on the gray box and pronounce immediately. If you want it to repeat the pronunciation, just move your mouse over the word. Cool!.
I was looking an util like this one for months!

Give it a try.!


Anonymous said...

Hello again! No need to say anything about my corrections.

a web tool for anyone who need(S) a quick lookup

USING the tool is as easY(ily) as enterING the word in(to) the textbox and submitING IT,

I was looking FOR A util like this (one) for months! (No sé porque es "a utility" en lugar de "an utility" pero es así :-))

Anonymous said...

I am a spanish guy who is learning (E)nglish, AND this is my small corner (in) OF THE Internet to practise and (can) share wisdom. Please feel free to correct any mistake(S) to improve our wisdom. Thanks! ;)

Hasta luego, amigo :-)

Kaly said...

That is very good

Miguel said...

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Thank you again



Mingoville said...


Thanks for the useful link. I have actually tried it and it works fine. There are however some limitations as to the length of a phrase. Other than that it pronounces really well.

Also I just wanted to let you know that YouTube has a similar feature on their website. You just need to be logged in, press on any video, type any phrase or long text, press "Audio Preview" button to the right of the comment box hear the whole setting.

At Mingoville we also have some cool audio tools to let one practice his/her English pronunciation. Free sign-up in 10 seconds at http://www.mingoville.com

Thanks again for the tools!


Taylor Jackson said...

Great handy tool for those words who are uncertain to pronounce.

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Piseth said...

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Amit said...

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